Digital Readout Systems (DRO kits)


ZS Instruments DR300 Digital Readout Displays and Linear Glass Scales are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Our DRO systems provide up to 3 axis position readout for a milling machine, lathe, horizontal boring mill, surface grinder, OD grinder etc. Advanced functions such as Bolt Hole Patterns, multi-plane Radius/Incline milling, and directional tool compensation, make every day machining tasks easier, increase productivity and reduce defects.

Quality and Reliability

ZS Instruments’ manufacturing and Quality Control processes ensure that our products not just meet, but exceed customers’ expectations. We strongly believe that industrial electronics should last a lifetime like it used to. That’s why all of ZS products conform to stringent IPC-A-610 class III high-reliability requirements for design, assembly, and inspection of electronics.

Our Circuits Boards are made very unique in industry – at first they are fully defluxed to remove any harmful corrosive residues, followed by receiving a layer of Conformal Coating, practice typically used for Military & Aerospace devices. Taking this extra step significantly improves resistant to metal dust, moisture, aggressive vapors, and fungus.

Advanced Optical Technology

Unlike their magnetic and/or inductive counterparts, glass scales and rotary encoders are not compromised in the presence of metal dust or magnetic fields. Only optical technology can provide native 5µm (0.0002’’) resolution without relying on approximation and ensure consistent levels of high precision over their entire lifespan.

We own a portfolio of several patents both issued and pending, and incorporate the most innovative solutions into our Encoders and Digital readouts, making them some of the most ergonomic, compact, reliable, and power efficient on the market.

User Centered Interface

Clear and unambiguous LED position display is known as the #1 choice among PROFESSIONAL machinists for its bright, high contrast readout under all lighting conditions, while our auxiliary LCD display provides interactive prompts for enhanced user experience

Don't compromise quality for a price

ZS instruments is an innovative high tech company founded at Purdue Research Park West Lafayette Indiana. We offers industry leading performance at price up to 30% lower than competition. Ran a forklift into your scale or wound the cable on a lathe chuck? Not a problem, our replacement scales can be also purchased directly and at a fair price! Learn More…

Available with 2 styles of Mounting Arms

Mill Mounting Arm Lathe Mounting Arm

Straight Arm allows for easy mount to the Ram of the Mill, while L-shaped design attaches to the lathe gearbox and brings DRO display closer to the operator.

Essential Features

ZS Instruments DRO displays always come with full 3 axis capabilities, regardless of number of scales purchased with the kit. 2nd and 3rd axis can be easily disabled or re-enabled in the settings menu. Interchanging between machines is made easy - all of our displays are also UNIVERSAL, with user selectable Mill or Lathe functionality.

Milling, Boring, Drilling:
  • Center find
  • Bolt Hole Circles, Linear Hole Patterns and Hole Arrays
  • Radius & Incline machining in any plane: XY, XZ or YZ
  • Radius/Diameter mode
  • Taper measurement
  • Full vector axis summing with compound angle option
  • Feedrate display in either mm/s or inches per minute (ipm)
  • 99 tool library with diameter & offset compensation
  • 99 programmable sub datum point
  • Last Position Recall mode
  • Selectable number of decimal points
  • Calculator with sin/cos functions
  • Power independent memory
  • Power loss zero restore
  • LCD Backlight On/off
  • Sleep mode
  • USB Firmware upgrade
  • Universal 100-240V power