Rotary & Angle Encoders

ZS Instruments manufactures both Incremental and Absolute Rotary encoders as well as high precision Angle Encoders. Angle and Rotary Encoders operate in similar ways but differ in speed, levels of accuracy, and applications.

ZS Advantage

All of our encoders feature time proven optical technology. Encoder gratings are produced in a state-of-the-art Class 100 cleanroom which maintains an extremely low level of airborne particles. Temperature, humidity, and vibration levels are also tightly controlled during the manufacturing of glass gratings to ensure consistent quality and precision.

Many production operations are performed on highly specialized machines that we designed and built ourselves. This equips us with many capabilities unmatched by any other company in the United States.

Angle Encoders

Angle encoders typically have errors in the range of ±1 to ±5 arc seconds with sub arc second accuracies available for specialty applications. They are used for precision positioning and synchronization of rotary tables, industrial robots, telescopes, satellite antennas, etc.

Typical line counts of modern angle encoders starts at 18,000. Resolution is then quadrupled by the quadrature scanning method and can be further extended with either built-in or external interpolation circuitry.

Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoders generally have errors greater than ±12 arc seconds. Applications include servo motor feedback, speed control, robotics, conveyors, etc.

Mainstream rotary encoders are operable at speeds up to 12,000 RPM, and a typical maximum line count is around 5,000.

Compatible 3rd party Encoders

Our Rotary and Angle Encoders can be used as a direct bolt on replacement for majority of 3-rd party encoders on the market! See below for a list of some of the most popular encoders we replace:

  • ROD 220 ROD 260 ROD 270, ROD 271, ROD 280, and ROD 280C
  • RON 225 RON 275 RON 280, RON 285, RON 287, RON 285C, and RON 287C
  • ROD 1020, ROD 1030, ROD 1080, and ROD 1070
  • ROD 426, ROD 436, ROD 456, ROD 486
  • ROD 420, ROD 430, ROD 480
  • ERN 420, ERN 430, ERN 460, ERN 480
  • ROC 410, ROC 412, ROC 415, ROC 417
  • ROQ 424, ROQ 425
  • Fagor S-D90
  • Fagor H-D90
  • Fagor S series
  • Fagor SP series
  • H, HP, and HA series