Precision Glass Scales & Linear Encoders


ZS Instruments offers replacement Glass Scales for majority of DROs on the market as well as Linear Encoders for CNC machines, CNC Routers, Automation Equipment and other custom OEM applications. Our scales are made in the USA from top quality materials.

Advanced Optical Technology

Our Glass Scales produced under class 100 cleanroom environment and feature Patent Pending sensor technologies. Only optical encoders provide native 5um (0.0002”) resolution without relying on approximation and ensure a consistent level of precision and repeatability over the entire lifespan. In addition, compared with magnetic and/or inductive technology, glass scales are not affected by presence of metal dust and external magnetic fields.

Environmental Protection

ZS Instruments scales are fully enclosed with high quality oil and coolant resistant lip seals. Using optional air terminal, achieves IP63 rating for operation in dusty environments such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, and wood processing. In addition, every encoder comes with an L shaped protective cover

Competitive Advantage

We understand customer needs and apply our culture of innovation to create high quality products at affordable price. Our made in the USA replacement scales are offered at a compettive pricing while providing equal or better quality in comparison to OEM alternatives.

Compatible 3rd party Digital Readouts

Our Glass Scales can be used not only with ZS Instruments DROs or custom automation equipment, we manufacture scales compatible with majority of 3-rd party DROs on the market! They come with factory installed connectors to mate with you particular DRO and do not require adapters. See below for a list of compatible DRO displays:

  • MillVision; TurnVision; EDMvision; Acu-Right II; Acu-Right III; Master-G; Master-MP; Master-TP;Qwikcount II;DRO-100; DRO-200; DRO200E; VRO300; 200S;300S; Acurite VUE; DRO203; DRO300.
  • MicroWizard; MiniWizard; Spirit II; SuperWizard; Wizard; Wizard 100; Wizard 111; Wizard 150; Wizard 350; Wizard 350 Plus; Wizard800; WizardLathe; Lathe 800; Wizard 150 Plus ; Wizard 211; Wizard 450; wizard 450L; Wizard 900; Wizard 900E; Wizard550; Wizard 411; Wizard 311
  • Innova 10i/20i/20iM/30iM/20iT/30iT ; NVP 200WC; NVP-201QC; NV11; NV21; NV301M; NV301E; NV301T ; NV10; NV20; NV300M; NV300E; NV300T; NVK20; NVP-M; NP301; NVP300; NVP301P; NVP201; NVP301; NVP401; NVP301T; NVP301TS; NVP 200; NVP300; NVP400; NVP300T; NVP300TS
  • QuadraCheck 2000 series; QuadraCheck 2200series; QC2200; QuadraCheck 2203 (QC-2203); QuadraCheck2205 (QC-2205); Quadra-Check 2210 (QC-2210); Quadra-Check 2213 (QC-2213); Quadra-Check 2215 (QC-2215)
  • 650; 652; 653; 660; 700; 700EDM; 700L; 722; 900Comp; 900M
Easson, Dro-Pros®, Ditron, Grizzly®
  • All models with 9 pin D-Sub connector
  • AL Counter #164-654 through 164-659
  • ALC Counter #164-777through 164-779
  • APL Counter #164-660 through 164-665
  • FLC Counter - #164-831 through 164-833
  • FLC-2A #164-851 through 164-856
  • FLE Counter #164-861(X,Y axis only);
  • FLL Counter #164-864
  • PL-EDM #164-295
  • LCD Backlight On/off
  • PLL Counter #164-288
  • PM-L Counter #164-262,164-264, 164-266 and 164-272 through 164-276
  • KC, KL, KLL and KS counters

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